Friday, July 31, 2015

The Chemtrail Conspiracy

Are these ordinary vapor trails or evil chemtrails?
When warm air from an engine is expelled into a cooler environment, water in the air condenses, creating droplets and forming clouds. This effect is commonly seen in the vapor trails left behind airplanes (also called condensation trails or contrails) and even in car exhaust and our own breath on a cold day.
Some believe vapor trails are actually “chemtrails”, or chemical emissions of some unknown type, emitted by some nefarious source to mind control civilians or “geoengineer” the planet. Although an interesting proposition, there’s no evidence that is the case. For example, some say chemtrails have only appeared in recent decades, and dissipate more slowly than ordinary vapor trails. However, vapor trails can be seen around World War II planes and even around racecars. The dissipation rate of vapor is affected by wind and atmospheric conditions, and may linger in the sky for hours, no different from cirrus clouds. (Actually, the geoengineering part isn’t too far from the truth, although in a much less sensational manner, since carbon monoxide in any type of exhaust is a common greenhouse gas.)
Note that none of this is saying that the New World Order isn’t actually trying to take over the world and control us. However, the ways that the Megacorporate Puppetmasters are increasingly taking over are much more mundane and obvious. We can't detect and monitor the Black Lodge’s machinations by something as blatantly obvious as white lines crossing the sky, even though that’s a convenient visual phenomenon for the layman to see. The real Cabal is far too clever and insidious for the casual internet user to easily detect their REAL activities (insert evil villainous laughter here)!
Also, none of this is even saying that the Illuminati isn’t actually spraying harmful things from commercial jet planes. However, it’s important to realize that harmful aerosols such as chlorofluorocarbons are invisible. Also (barring tiny propeller crop dusting planes that are designed for it) it doesn’t make sense for large planes to spray from the engines way out on the wings, but rather from a special setup at the back of the fuselage by the tail. In other words, in the sky (such as in the picture above) we should be looking for and trying to detect invisible emissions BETWEEN the pairs of vapor trails! Again, distinguishing contrails from real chemical emissions is much more than looking at visible lines in the sky.
In you want to believe in a conspiracy, here’s the real one: The whole concept of “chemtrails” is actually a distraction operation, a cunning idea invented and popularized by the CIA/NSA/KGB/MI6 to deflect us from the real issues facing society. They're also designed to create cleavage in the activist and spiritual communities, which is an effective divide and conquer strategy. In other words, half of us are saying "wake up sheeple it's preposterous you don't see what they're doing", while the other half are saying "get an education dumbass high school science can explain it". Both sides are well meaning (and deserve respect even if we personally disagree with them) but ask yourself who set up the fight in the first place and is benefitting from their conflict? I wouldn't be surprised if half of the people that are increasingly popularizing chemtrails are (consciously or unconsciously) on the shadow government's payroll !!!!!!!!111!!
I admire people who question and research. That's how discoveries are made and real abuses of power are uncovered. However, such matters need to be approached scientifically, independent of what we might want to be true or get credit for, and with research data backed up and findings submitted to peer review. For a quality article about the science behind vapor trails and how/why the “chemtrail” conspiracy has become popular, see: