Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Five Types of Psychic Shielding

Negative energies are something that most of us get exposed to at times, whether maliciously directed toward us or just around in the environment. To prevent being affected, a psychic or energetic shield can be employed. There are several different ways to go about handling negative energy, which are briefly described below.
This list only shows the types of shields. It doesn’t prove that shields exist or go into how to actually generate them, such as through personal will or creative imagination, or by invoking higher powers. We also assume that one is actually being attacked, as opposed to just believes they are. (It’s actually a pretty common situation, in that some disagreement produces emotional turmoil, which one then falsely interprets as the other party psychically attacking them.) The list also focuses on psychic defense, as opposed to psychic attack or ways confronting or combating others energetically. It should go without saying that, just like physical violence, engaging in psychic attack should be avoided in all but the most extreme situations.
1. Wall: A wall creates an impenetrable barrier to block negative energies. A wall can be opaque in order to unconsciously keep things out (which is useful if one needs to focus without distractions, or is say walking down a busy city street). A wall can also be transparent like strong glass, if one wants to monitor what’s impacting it. A wall is like calling somebody on the phone and getting a busy signal. Walls can be ineffective if one still has attachments to the attacker in some form, and energetically ventures out from behind their wall.
2. Mirror: Like a real mirror, a psychic mirror reflects energies back to where they came from. It’s like instant karma, with the attacker getting their own junk mail “returned to sender”. A mirror is like calling somebody on the phone and getting voice mail telling you to go away. Mirrors are challenging to do right, because one needs to ensure the energy only goes back to where it came from, and doesn’t say get reflected to your neighbor. Also, emotional involvement can make one consciously or subconsciously throw it back harder than it was sent toward you in the first place, which is basically a form of psychic attack.
3. Ground: A ground transmutes energies so they cease to exist, like an electrical ground. A ground is like trying to call somebody, but the phone line is just dead. This is perhaps the most recommended of all the methods, since it actually removes the negative energy from the world, instead of just blocking or attempting to redirect it from you personally. It’s recommended to let the planet or some higher power transmute the energy, instead of trying to do it yourself, which can let the energy and the process of transmuting it wear you down. That’s like exterminating a burning torch by dropping it in a river, instead of trying to blow it out or snuff it out with your body.
4. Frequency: Here you exist on a higher and more spiritual frequency so the negative energy doesn’t affect you in the first place. Or at least you exist on an alternate frequency, like changing a TV to a different channel. It’s like when a TV station is broadcasting a violent movie - the radio waves are passing through your room but not affecting or influencing you. In the classic movie “The Karate Kid II”, Master Miyagi said, “Best way to avoid punch, no be there.” Changing frequency is like trying to call somebody, but the system says the number doesn’t exist. The challenge of this method is it involves personal work to exist on a more expanded frequency, and to ensure there aren’t any subtle attachments within that want to seek out or connect with the negativity.
5. Decoy: With a decoy, you set up a fake copy or simulacrum of yourself, and let the energy impact it instead, like a lightning rod. This is a rather advanced and subtle method, but can be effective if you want to monitor what’s being directing toward you. If you have flies bothering your picnic, take a piece of meat and throw it in the bushes nearby, and the flies will be attracted there instead of to you. A decoy is like calling somebody and talking to a realistic artificial intelligence simulation. One challenge is making sure you’re detached enough from your decoy to ensure you don’t get affected by what impacts it. You also don’t want to let a fake persona manifest which results in not expressing your real self.
My book “Evolution of the Spirit: Our Journey Through the Universe” contains more information about psychic defense, in chapter 17 “Understanding Evil”. ♥