Monday, March 23, 2015

I’m proud to be an Earthling!

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Many spiritual people say that they “came to this planet” to serve. On the whole that’s a very good thing, as there’s certainly much that can be improved upon our planet. However, we often say that we’re starseeds, extraterrestrials in human bodies, Indigo Children, Angels incarnate, or various other lofty (or sometimes more subtle) terms such as being enlightened or awake.

A potential problem with using terms like this is that they can be forms of pride, or ways of separating ourselves from the planet and the people that we’re trying to help. These terms suggest that we’re better than the planet and the masses of supposedly ordinary people upon it, and that we’re just temporarily visiting a slum. This mindset is also a subtle way of disconnecting ourselves from the problems of the world, which can allow us to believe that it’s not our fault if the world goes to heck. After all, if it does then we can just say that those fool Earthlings failed to listen to our wisdom, and we can return to the Pleiades, or Nirvana, or the fairy court, which is our real home instead of what we too often see as boring old unevolved planet Earth.

If we’re here on the planet, regardless of our actual (or wished for) origins, then we should act like it. Instead of serving the planet from an ivory tower, we should roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for the planet. Instead of trying to tell other people what to do, we should be an example and embody it ourselves. Through our successful and integrous living, others will be inspired to do the same (but remember it will be in their own way, and only when they’re ready for it). A classic saying goes, “Children do as their parents do, not as they say.” Similarly, students act as their teachers act, not as they teach. A classic Zen koan talks about a guru who insisted upon eating the same food as his students, and refused better quality food offered to him, with the remark that “when you become the teacher I do not want you to forget this”. :-)

Now, it is true that some entities actually are Masters (however you or whatever tradition chooses to define “Master”), aliens, Angels in human bodies, or whatnot. Similarly, Indigo Children actually exist. We shouldn’t try to deny such concepts, think that some souls aren’t spiritually “older” or more experienced than others, or not be willing to consider alternative origins for life. However it’s important to understand that origins, titles, and even destinations aren’t the important thing to focus upon. What matters is that we’re here and now, together.

We often blame others for the problems of the planet. Different people say the world’s problems are due to the Illuminati conspiracy, the one percenters, Bush or Obama, increasingly oversized and inefficient government, reptilian extraterrestrials, corporate greed, chemtrails, rap music, or so on, and that everything would be great if only “those people” would just change and behave the way that we know is obviously best for them. That however disconnects us from the problem, and disempowers us into thinking that things outside of us need to change for the world to improve. It’s similar to blaming things on a classic scapegoat Satan or devil figure. Disliking others when they’re not perfect makes us dislike ourselves when we’re not perfect. There’s a lot we can do by admitting our own part in or contribution to the world’s problems.

Again, none of this is meant to say that there aren’t specific causes of problems in the world, which are sometimes connected to specific groups, and that there are things that can and do need to be addressed in others and ourselves, but the important thing is our attitude and approach. It’s a very subtle distinction that may not be readily apparent, but can make a world of difference. Dealing with these issues is part of what makes us human, and why I’m proud to be an Earthling, and honored to share this beautiful and crazy planet, warts and all, with each and every one of you! ♥

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